Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Trip to the Hair Station

Today was the most exciting day of my life. Well, at least for my 11 year old years( year). We got hair cuts!! We were going to go to the Head Start next to Publix but then we ended up going to the Hair Station near Winn- Dixie. They did a good job if you ask me. All the girls got hair cuts except for Mama. Eliot didn't get way too much cut off. On the other hand Annika and I got a good bit chopped off. Annika got her hair cut in between her ears and her chin. I got my hair cut so that it sits on my shoulders. I also got bangs. They're not much, but I like them. I love to play with my bangs when I'm just sitting down relaxing. Today was AWESOME!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Wonderful Brother

Ahhhhhhh!!!  EVAN! He is staying at home now!  Every morning I awake to a three year old child. And that is not a good thing. Also, when I try to read my book I am disturbed by a rambunctious three year old. Even when I go outside to get fresh air I end up coming inside soaking wet. Don't ask it's a long story. That is how I will spend the rest of my summer with my loving, caring, funny, well mannered, brother.